Helping you not get hacked.

Hackers are finding new ways of stealing or disrupting your data and it has become impossible for security solutions to detect and prevent it all. Company employees are becoming the easiest way in.

Security with Nick focuses on building personal awareness of security threats that you will deal with in your day to day. Whether in the office or at home.

How I make you more secure

GDPR Readiness & Training

Get your company ready for the May 2018 deadline by a certified EU GDPR Practitioner and receive the right training so you’re confident in continuing your GDPR responsibilities in the future.


Cyber Security Awareness

Delivered in non-tech speak, training for companies to understand what hackers are doing and how. With plenty of live demos, you get to experience what it’s like to be hacked and to be the hacker.


Security Review

Have your infrastructure, policies and ways of working assessed to close any holes and ensure all your staff are operating as securely as possible. Choose also to put your company to the test against a range of attacks. This will test your website, infrastructure and people.


What others say

Who am I?

Nick Hawkins

I was introduced to cyber security at my very first job when I was 18 years and joined a web hosting company. Trained up as a systems engineer to look after the web and email services for tens of thousands of websites, investigating cyber attacks on our customers was a daily occurrence.

I sold the company after 5 years in order to fund my next business, a social mobile app. This was closed after a year and the lessons learnt set me up perfectly for when I joined Freeformers, a digital innovation company.

Through Freeformers I worked with FTSE100 companies, running workshops showing them how to innovate and use the digital tools of today. I began teaching cyber security and this quickly became my passion point. The most common feedback I received was “I had no idea these kind of threats existed” and how easy it was to be hacked.